Book Design & Art Direction

Foreign Bodies/

Corps Etrangers

Foreign Bodies/Corps Etrangers documents an exchange of letters between
two cities – Glasgow and Marseille – in the form of a beautifully crafted coffee
table book.


These two cities are connected historically as imperial and industrial cities, as well as socially with an equal passion for football, alcohol, politics and the weather. Foreign Bodies was a collaborative project and part of a ‘Made in Scotland’ Exhibition which took place between Glasgow and Marseille.


The book design had to clearly function as an exchange of letters, handwritten notes were added into the layout to achieve a personal touch. The imagery was also a very important part of the layout, so equal space was given to both imagery and typography throughout the book.‚Äč

Client //

Johnathan Chorley


Role // 

Book Design
& Art Direction


Final Artwork // 

Coffee Table Book

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